How To: Keep an Art Journal

[Reposted from the archives of my previous blog]


I’ve kept an art journal for a little over a year now, and I love it! Nothing feels better than curling up in bed after a long day and writing, taping, gluing and doodling anything your heart desires. My art journal is a source of inspiration, a boredom killer and a safe space to put down my every thought. Here are my tips on starting and keeping an art journal filled with every colorful facet of yartjournal1ou and your life–Enjoy!

1. Find your inspiration: Pinterest is full of art journal inspiration! I love searching the boards and finding beautiful and clever new ways to journal; there’s always something out there you haven’t thought of yet. When I’m in a journaling rut, I search ‘art journal prompts’ and find a plethora of great ideas to get me started again. Follow my journaling board here and check out other pinners’ work as well.

2. Gather your supplies: A large Moleskine journal or medium-sized sketchbook are perfect for journaling. You can literally put anything in your art journal. Chipboard, washi tape, pattern cards, fabric swatches, paint chips, anythinggggg. Even when I don’t have a drop of inspiration in me, simply gluing magazine or newspaper clippings to a page feels oh so satisfying.
3. Put Le Pen to le paper: I recommend using a font website, like this one, to inspire creativity. It’s fun to try out new lettering (practice makes perfect!), plus you’ll have a new trick up your sleeve when it comes to sharing quotes in your journal. If writing it yourself doesn’t appeal to you, most of the fonts you’ll find are downloadable for free!

4. If you’re stuck, doodle: I’ve always been a doodler. I find it relaxing and fun. If nothing on Pinterest is speaking to you, just get out your pen and draw something! It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing a self portrait or a series of zig zags, putting something on that page is all that matters.

5. Don’t forget to write!: Write about your day, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, who you’re seeing. Anything that comes to mind, really. Art journaling is as much about creating as it is about telling your story. Whether you tell it through a photo series or a quote that describes your mood is all up to you–just don’t forget to incorporate a bit of yourself into your masterpieces.

6. Do a 30 day challenge: If all else fails and you’re desperate for inspiration, find a 30 day drawing or writing challenge online and stick to it! You don’t have to be Picasso to draw a cactus; you don’t have to be Kerouac to write about your favorite childhood memory. Challenge your creativity.

Hope you’re feeling crafty today!


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