Bathing is Fundamental

bath-cocktailI never understood the power of a bath until I became a LUSHie. They always seemed too time-consuming to be a part of my oh-so-busy teenage life. My life at 17, which I thought was so hectic and overwhelming, was really quite calm compared to my life now, at 21. I balance two jobs and work between 30-
50 hours most weeks, make time for my family, boyfriend and friends, complete my daily tasks and chores when I have time, and try to save as much money as possible through it all. By the time I get to bed at the end of the day, I’m way overstimulated and my mind is racing–at least 3 times a week I wake my boyfriend up by trying to sell him a moisturizer in my sleep. Baths have become one of my only respites from the beautiful chaos that is my life, and I find myself constantly planning out my next bathing adventure.

While regularly discussing the merits of each bath bomb and bubble
bar with customers may play a role in it, there are a ton of other factors that influenced me to reassess my point of view. I’ve also always been a huge proponent of self care, and to me LUSH is the quintessential “treat yo’ self” company. There’s something to appreciate in every single product LUSH creates; be it the heavenly scents packed in them or the beautiful colors that pour out. But whether or not it puts on a show is secondary to the immediate wave of relaxation one gets when they submerge themselves in the soft, warm water.

golden-wonderI recently took a bath in hopes of reenergizing–as well as to try as many of the new holiday products as possible. The focal points of my bath were Golden Wonder bath bomb and Snowie bubble bar. These are my 2 favorite holiday products by far. Golden Wonder is a super colorful champagne-scented bath bomb, while Snowie is inspired by David Bowie and made with my all time favorite essential oil, neroli oil, a natural seratonin-booster. I consider this the bath time dream team.

When I would attempt to take a bath back in the day, I would get in the tub and not know how to keep myself entertained for an hour or two. Nowadays, I am more than prepared, with a litany of products and reading materials at the side of my tub. The products I used are as follows:

  • Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask – for the ultimate skin detox after a long work week
  • H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment – for smooth, shiny and strong hair
  • D’Fluff shaving soap – for clean shaven and razor burn-free legs
  • Buffy body butter – for deep fully body exfoliation
  • Bubbly shower gel – for citrus-scented skin
  • Pumice Power foot soap – for bright and soft feet

As you can imagine, this routine kept me busy for a solid 45 minutes. Once all of that was done I alternated between reading my book (Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizgoldenwonder1abeth Gilbert) and singing along to the doo wop playlist I was listening to. The Do Not Disturb setting on my phone was on, and I was at peace.

When I finally emptied the tub and got out, I felt rejuvenated. Every inch of me was relaxed and my soul was happy. I was ready and excited to take on the upcoming work week. What my newfound love of baths has taught me is that many of my problems can be solved
(or momentarily sidelined) by spending time alone, slathered in a variety of products, and thinking pleasant thoughts. LUSH proudly proclaims that “Bathing is fundamental,” and I couldn’t agree more.







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