Manifesto for A Happy Life

Aim Hbostonigh + Challenge Yourself
Always create new goals, both long and short term. Challenging yourself, creatively, physically, mentally, etc. is a great way to keep yourself in check. Rather than looking at past mistakes with regret, use them as a tool to improve yourself.

Consume Culture
You don’t have to obsess over celebrities or even pay much attention to the world around you (though I think it’s healthy to keep up with the news). This could be as simple as going to a museum or reading a book. An active mind is a happy mind.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships 
Toxic intrapersonal relationships can have a major effect on happiness. Avoid negative energy and focus on friends and family who positively influence your life. Remember–it’s give and take, so if you’re not putting in the effort, why should they?

Self Care
Make time to be comfortable. If you like routine, create a daily regimen; if you prefer spontaneity, change things up regularly. Treat yourself the way you’d treat your best friend–be sympathetic, understanding and patient.

Treat Your Body Well
Drink a lot of water and eat nutritiously. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with indulging, but bear in mind that food is fuel. Eating primarily sugary, carb-heavy foods is like putting sugar in a gas tank–no bueno. And don’t forget that exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!

Project Positivity

Even feigning happiness can improve our mood. In the negative times, seek positive aspects and focus on them. There are many situations where it’ll seem impossible to be positive, and that’s okay. In your daily life, however, it’s always best to be the most positive person in the room.sweetgreen

Express Yourself
Whether you’re creative or not, there are a million ways to express yourself. While creative expression is very important to me, the most important of all expression is open communication. Being honest with a loved one (and yourself) about how you feel can change a dynamic for the better and release tension from within.
Be Unapologetically You
Lastly and most importantly, having a strong idea of who you are (your values, goals, etc.) is incredibly important. Understanding your negatives and positives, constantly working on yourself, but remaining true to who you are–that’s crucial for a happy life.


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