Home(ish) Tour

**So, before I delve into things, I should note that I live in a massive house with my boyfriend and two other people. However, given that we have an entire floor to ourselves, and I haven’t taken it upon myself to decorate the other two floors, I’m sticking with our primary living space. Enjoy!**

Up two spiral staircases is our space. The entryway is fairly minimal, but makes me feel warm. At the top of the stairs, you’ll first see a greeting from our little sunshine dude. Then to the right are hooks that I originally intended to use for our keys, but instead it’s becoming a convenient place to keep my accessories organized.

The main wall of the entryway is adorned with some of my favorite belongings–the hand carved mirror and sun, moon and stars wind chime were items I bought years before I even considered moving, and the painted wooden heart was a sweet gift from Matt. Underneath the mirror is a small, gorgeous woven rug for our most worn shoes, and across the way is a fairly large cedar closet that contains most of my clothes and Matt’s work clothes, our shoes, scarves and bags. As you can see, my clothes take up most of the hanging space (and I have more at my parent’s house), so we’ll be ordering a garment rack very soon.

Our living room is to the right. It’s a very simple space that I’m excited to do more with in the future, but for now it’s pretty minimal. Matt’s parents gave us their futon to use as a couch (forever thankful for that) and above it is one of my favorite pieces of art–which I got for around $10 at IKEA when I was 11. Our coffee table has a little shelf underneath, which we’ve put our favorite coffee table books on, and atop it is a large candleholder and a little tray for small miscellaneous things. I didn’t take pictures of Matt’s desk or our TV, but you can probably assume what they look like. There’s also one thing in our living room that I’ve never seen before, and that is a door that leads onto the roof. I’m sure that’ll get some use in the summer months. Above the door is a weird, fuzzy llama head, which I saw at Target a week or two ago and fell in love with. A few days later, Matt sent me back to buy it and he’s become our new best friend.

Our bedroom is next door, and massive. I’ll go section by section:

In one corner, I’ve set up my desk. I covered the few scratches on it with my favorite LUSH knot wrap, and have a bunch of my favorite things sitting on top of it. Above my desk is a beautiful piece of art that Matt and I bought for our apartment. We got it from one of our favorite local businesses here in Providence and it was one of only ______ made. The bluegrass men makes me happy every time I see them.

Across the way is Matt’s record collection, which we (he) attempted to organize before we filled the shelves, but there’s talk of maybe alphabetizing them soon. On top of them are a few special items we’ve collected both together and apart–our favorite record box set (69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields), liquor, a painting I made for Matt last Christmas, a knitted cactus he gave me for my birthday, a crate filled with our favorite records, and, of course, the Yellow Submarine LEGO set.

Next to our records is a built in day bed, which we’re using as extra seating and a place to leave our pajamas. There are a couple of built in shelves with scalloped trim, where I’ve placed some candles and all of my packaged LUSH products.

There’s also a built in dresser, which is where I’ve been storing my folded clothes, and on top of which is my makeshift makeup station. It’s a but busy but well organized! To the side is my beloved IKEA cart, which is filled with hair styling tools, naked LUSH products, and tins filled with soaps.

I don’t have much to say about our bed except that it’s very cozy and I’m laying in it as I write this. Next to it is Matt’s dresser, which we’ve tucked into a built in shelving unit  thing. His record player is on top, and on the shelves we’ve put various small things (you may have noticed Matt and I have a lot of knick knacks), and our humidifier.




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