Summer ’17 Goals


As a certified homebody, I usually spend most of my summer either at work or snuggled up in bed with a fan (or two) pointed directly in my face. This year, that simply won’t do. I want to have a ~*~*summer to remember~*~* and spend at least 60% of my free time doing something worthwhile. I’ve compiled a list of goals, some small and inconsequential, and some grand and life changing. 



Donate or sell all unwanted belongings

As I was moving into my apartment, I began to realize that I have far too many clothes, accessories, knick knacks and cosmetics. And now that I share a home with someone, it doesn’t seem fair to crowd our closets with items that will never see the light of day. I’m planning to create a capsule wardrobe this fall, so I’ve been slowly clearing out my wardrobe. I’ll be listing many of these items on Poshmark, so keep an eye out for a link to come!

Keep a budget and save $500

I’m not good with money. I used to be a lot worse, so I’m incredibly proud of the progress I’ve made in the past few months, but it’s time to really push myself. I want to budget every single dollar of my paycheck, so no money is wasted, and save somewhere between $200-$500. I don’t want to aim too high, but I also did once save $1000 in a month, so I have faith in my abilities to overcome my spending habit once and for all.

Find a neroli scented perfume

Neroli is my favorite fragrance of all time. It comes from the bitter orange tree, and is zesty, invigorating and joy-inducing (literally–neroli is known as a natural serotonin booster). Neroli oil is the perpetual bridesmaid of the perfume industry; you’ll often find it in a long list of ingredients, but rarely is it the star of the show. I have a few leads on brands that carry a neroli-focused fragrance, and hope to make a purchase by the end of the season.

Take a day trip

I’m keeping this vague, because the destination doesn’t really matter to me. As long as my boyfriend is with me and the sun is shining, I’ll go anywhere.

Make a major aesthetic change

I often feel like one of the few millennials that hasn’t dramatically altered their appearance. I’ve never dyed my hair, never pierced anything (I had my ears pierced as a baby, but since I didn’t consent to that and never wear earrings, it doesn’t count) and have never gotten a tattoo. For years I’ve wanted a bumblebee tattoo or a nose piercing, and I’m hoping this is the summer that it finally happens.

Book a treatment at the LUSH Spa

I cannot let another summer pass without booking myself a spa treatment. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to spend a day or two in New York!

Create morning and night rituals to look forward to

There is only one thing that always puts me to sleep: my boyfriend, already asleep next to me. I never thought I’d say this, but his snores lull me to the soundest sleep I’ve ever experienced. On weekends though, he typically works till 1-2 AM, whereas I typically work early in the morning and should be asleep long before he comes home. I never am, and I think building really strong bedtime and morning routines will help to break that pattern, or at least make it more manageable. Fingers crossed!

Switch to sustainable food and drink ware

Goodbye, plastic straws, fast food soda cups or styrofoam containers. Hello, stainless steel straws, reusable tumblers and sustainable food storage containers.

Go to more events in Providence

As I mentioned above, I’m very much a homebody. This means that I will skip most, if not all, exciting local events. Not anymore, though! My goal is to accept every invitation I can, and surprise myself with how social I can be. Outdoor movie screenings, concerts and farmer’s markets, look out; I’m coming for ya!

See 5+ movies

I’ve seen two just in this past week, so I may be able to pull this off! At the top of my must see list? Baby Driver, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Band Aid, Landline, Dunkirk, and Ingrid Goes West.

Take the bus to and/or from work

I’m a frequent Uber-user, but need to make the switch to public transportation. If I bus at least one way a day, it’ll mean more money saved and a lessened environmental impact–a win, win!



What are your goals this month?!





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