Glossier Haul + Review!


I’ve been a fan of Glossier since shortly after they launched, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve ordered any goodies (especially since for the past 10 months I’ve used LUSH skincare exclusively). My first order, over two years ago, was placed back when Glossier only sold 5 products, but I lived for them–and those incredibly useful pink pouches. 

I placed a little order last week to try out some of their new offerings, and figured I’d share my experience with each of them, and maybe inspire you to order some treats for yourself! 

SUPER BOUNCE SERUM: I’m majorly obsessed with serums and facial oils, and I’ve tried many, but Super Bounce is the most vastly different. Because my skin is so sensitive, a lot of things can cause it to become irritated and tight. Super Bounce softened the tightness. I also have a fondness for wearing very minimal makeup (full brows, mascara, a nude lip and a touch of highlighter) with a dewy face, which Super Bounce is ideal for. Full disclosure: I didn’t intend to purchase this particular serum. I had been a bit more interested in Super Pure, for it’s redness reducing and purifying properties, but I’m really glad I ended up with this one–plus now I have an excuse to place another order!

MEGA GREENS GALAXY PACK: When I received my order, my face was starting to break out for the first time in many months. For that reason, I decided to slather this all over my face that night. As the container recommended, I applied a thick layer to cleansed, moist skin and planned to leave it for the full 20 minutes. There are two things I’m 100% sure of about my skin, and I didn’t factor either of those in that night.

  1. My skin becomes red, hot and itchy (the title of my memoir, btw) even with the most soothing masks.
  2. Clay-based masks are my skin’s greatest enemy.

So, naturally, that happened almost immediately and very badly. I rinsed it off within 3 minutes, and applied the Moisturizing Moon mask–the cooling effect was euphoric. Mega Greens Galaxy pack left an angry, red tint to my skin where it was applied, but once both masks were off my skin did feel soft, purified and nourished. Part of me thinks this might be a one-off reaction, so I’ll be trying this one again and keeping my hopes high.

**As a note, there are 2 masks that do not irritate my skin, and they are Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee from LUSH. If your skin is sensitive but likes exfoliation of varying intensity, check ‘em out**

MOISTURIZING MOON MASK: Following my less than ideal experience with the Mega Greens Galaxy pack, this one blew my mind. It instantly soothed my skin, and was a runnier, soft texture. In writing this review, I looked at the ingredients list for both masks and see that I’m much more familiar with ingredients listed for this mask than Mega Greens: almond oil, honey, aloe, and licorice root and lemon extracts, all of which I know work well with my skin. I’m interested to see how this one feels without any precursor, but as a follow up to a more intensely detoxifying mask it was an absolute delight.

GENERATION G LIP COLOR (“LIKE” AND “JAM”): I’ve been eyeing these for a long time. I love all lip colors, but most lipsticks look best on me long after they were initially applied. Something about the worn, blotted look suits me–maybe because my makeup looks are always more low key. “Like” is described as a ‘light powdery pink,’ which against my skin looked like a perfect mix between blush and mauve. It’s so natural and beautiful, perfect for a casual look. “Jam” is a ‘deep berry magenta,’ and of course more pigmented, but still has a relaxed vibe. I’ve tried several different berry lips and this one has been the most complimentary to my day-to-day look. The formulas for both are fantastic and super lightweight.

So, all this being said, I’m incredibly pleased with my purchases (even Mega Greens) and will be getting more in the near future! Here’s what’s on my list: 

  • Boy Brow in Blonde
  • Super Pure
  • Generation G in Crush 
  • Haloscope in Quartz